We all carry our little South Africanisms through life with us, and we are better human beings because of them. These are five things that make you truly South African.
1. You’ve pretended that it’s your birthday at the Spur

Just that one time. Just to get your free ice cream with a sparkler and your birthday song.

ice Cream sparkler

2. You are surprised by very little

And you know that absolutely anything can happen on the back of a bakkie.


Credit: sam.1r

3. You probably slip some of the following words or phrases into your conversations

Nooit, izit, howzit, lekker, shap, bokkie, yebo, klap, swak, tune, kak, big time, now now, just now, ja nee, lank, smaak, skeef, kif, jol, jislaaik.

And I’m sure you could use one of many South African expressions to caption this picture:

Credit: @dane_forman

4. You reply with “shame” to a diverse range of situations

“Need a ride to the shops?”
“Shame man, don’t worry!”

“Look at this lion cub!”
“Ag shame, it’s so oulik!”

lioness cub
Credit: @wolweaver

5. You have respect for your elders

Because you were probably ‘donnerd’ with a wooden spoon when you were a ‘laaitie’.
baby Spoon

Credit: stevejrobertson

SA – the Good News via The South African