Proudly South African product,
The Consol Solar Jar™ shines at international event

consol_solar2_jars2-500x500Consol Solar Jars™, a product proudly conceptualised and manufactured by Suntoy in South Africa will be a main attraction at the 300th anniversary commemoration of renowned British Landscape Architect; Lancelot “Capability” Brown, when Compton Verney Art Gallery and Park in England hosts a light art commission using 1000 Consol Solar Jars™ as one of its key set pieces.

Brown is celebrated for shaping the vision of the picture-perfect English countryside. Visual artist Laurent from Creatmosphere, a cross-genre studio specialising in the interplay of light as art between architecture and space, has been commissioned to create a light spectacular as has never been seen before using the Consol Solar Jars™. He will be filling an entire field with pinpoints of light to map the rich and diverse history of green spaces in a creative and captivating way.  Applying stunning, ground-breaking technologically, this new interactive light commission entitled “IN LIGHT: Illuminating Capability Brown’s Landscape”, launches on the 29 October and runs until the 13 November. Three centuries later , Lancelot “Capability” Brown’s work is still celebrated and lives on.

Compton Verney’s 18th century mansion, “Capability” Brown Chapel and Bridge will be lit in vibrant ways for people to appreciate and play with. There is an interactive element that gives visitors the opportunity to take over the light controls and light up various parts of the house and trees in exciting ways.