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The CAF World Giving Index 2017 of 139 countries provides insight into the giving behaviour of people around the world, with questions on helping a stranger, donating money to charity, and volunteering time. The top three positions are held by Myanmar, Indonesia, and Kenya, with scores of 65%, 60%, and 60% respectively. Yemen is ranked 139th with the lowest score of 13%. South Africa is ranked 24th, with a score of 43%. ( Source

Use your home loan account to save money

12 July 2018: There are different ways to save money, but the most unconventional or perhaps least considered is saving through your home loan account. Kathu Ramoliko, Head of the Gold Sub-Segment at FNB, says “A home loan is a long-term financial commitment which takes years to repay, however, it can also be used as...
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ATMs have evolved to offer added value to users

5 July 2018 – Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) have changed markedly since they were introduced. The mordenisation of this popular banking device is one of the untold success stories of digital banking evolution and financial inclusion. Lee-Anne van Zyl, CEO of FNB Points of Presence says ATM devices, which are part of FNB’s Self-Service Channel, are...
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South Africa The Good News
Feeling the chill today? ❄️❄️❄️. Here’s why....

Feeling the chill today? ❄️❄️❄️. Here’s why....Snow dusted the peaks last night. So, we headed for one of our favourite viewing points between the ranger's office at Garden Castle and Three Pools. On the left horizon we could see Mzimude pass and Mashai Peak. On the right the snowy Sandleni buttress gave way to blue sky and the highlands of Cobham and Sani Pass. The beauty of the snowy peaks was matched only by the ethereal silence of the valleys. ... See MoreSee Less


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Brings back wonderful memories when we lived in the Underberg District

Chris Blyth...snow on the Berg!

Wow beautiful view of mountains and snow xx

An amazing performance by the Drakies choir - and this incredible school is right on our doorstep!

World Choir Games
Many of you asked for it and now, finally, here we go: Lean back and enjoy the mind-blowing performance of Drakensberg Boys Choir School, the recently crowned Champions in the "Scenic Pop / Show Choirs" category!

#WorldChoirGames #wcg2018 #Tshwane2018 #Champions

Video by Dagmar Titsch and Stage Alive Production House
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We were there two weeks ago and heard them live. I wasn't able to pick up where or if they came somewhere from the video.

Nice one Drakies!!!

Why do you call it the Drakies Choir? How Gross!!!! South Africa The Good News.

Incredible as always 💜🌈

Brilliant! Singing together brings nations together.

Tanya Carus Blacher


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