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 A wors by any other name
The label ‘boerewors’ can only be used on sausages that contain 90% meat (beef, pork or goat are allowed) of which no more than 30% may be fat. It should not contain any offal or mechanically removed meat. (Google ‘mechanically removed meat’ at your own peril). 
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South Africans Abroad commemorate their unique diverse Heritage in China, Qatar & Germany  By Phindi Maduna September 24 is celebrated as Heritage Month in South Africa. During this month, South Africans, not only at home but also abroad, celebrate their diverse cultures. This September, Brand South Africa journeyed to East Asia, The Middle East and Western Europe, to commemorate with South Africans living in China, Qatar and Germany, respectively. This was in line with the Global South Africans programme, which acknowledges thousands of South Africans who are brand advocates for the positive positioning of the Nation Brand abroad. Global South Africans show the world who South Africans really are and what the country is has to offer. Expat communities across...
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