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It is estimated that over the past four weeks approximately 7 % of SA’s adult population have participated in prayer meetings, marches, protests, and demonstrations in the broad SAVE SOUTH AFRICA campaign.

Demystifying five common life insurance myths

24 April 2017: Despite increasing awareness about the importance of having life insurance, some consumers remain confused and undecided due to myths that uninformed people spread through the grapevine. Lee Bromfield, CEO of FNB Life says “Death is usually the last subject people look forward to discussing over the dinner table. Similarly, life insurance conversations...
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The importance of keeping a clean credit record

The importance of keeping a clean credit record Most people know that the way they manage their credit is tracked, but don’t realise the role a credit record will play in their future financial wellbeing. “A credit record is the documentation detailing payment history of current and previous debt,” says Nico van Staden, Head of...
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