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Wine time: South Africa is the seventh largest wine producer in the world, producing 3.9% of the world’s wine. In 2016, South Africa produced 898.4 million litres of wine, of which two thirds was white wine and one third was red wine.
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Things to Consider Before Taking a Loan

14 September 2017: In South Africa, access to credit plays an important role in advancing financial inclusion. That is why it’s important for anyone applying for a Personal Loan to have a basic understanding of how to best set themselves up to qualify. Emma Mer, CEO of FNB Personal Loans, says “A Personal Loan is a...
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Your WILL, your life

Update your Will today 12 September 2017 – The importance of a Will cannot go unnoticed as it is probably the most important document that you will sign during your lifetime. A Will provides you with the opportunity to give clear instructions on how your assets and wishes are to be dealt with when you pass away....
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Good story, sorry fact, for the week-end😄🇿🇦

Interesting fact: I went to give blood this morning and there was an anthropology researcher at the clinic. She is doing her PHD at Duke University and looking at the processing of blood. I asked her why she chose to do her field work in SA and she said SA is top in the world in the processing of blood (of course I can't remember the medical term for it). Our entire system from start to finish is beyond world class, maybe only 2nd to Canada. Well doneSANBS -South African National Blood Services
Martine Schaffer


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Some of the world's most talented surgeons work at the Joburg Hospital too...alot of interns seek out Sth African Hospitals for the vast opportunities - wound care, accidents etc. ❤️

nice to hear something POSITIVE about s.a.!!

I have being blood for 50years and I knew this. Keep up the good work

Wow that's great news!

Thats very interesting!

Nina van Wyk

Yes, thant s,good news!

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