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Helping hands
The CAF World Giving Index 2017 of 139 countries provides insight into the giving behaviour of people around the world, with questions on helping a stranger, donating money to charity, and volunteering time. The top three positions are held by Myanmar, Indonesia, and Kenya, with scores of 65%, 60%, and 60% respectively. Yemen is ranked 139th with the lowest score of 13%. South Africa is ranked 24th, with a score of 43%. ( Source

Do not underestimate the cost of private schooling

18 July 2018: Affluent individuals and families who prefer to send their kids to private schools in the country should not underestimate the importance of planning ahead to cover school fees. “For an average household with two kids in school, annual tuition fees, including boarding could easily mount up to R540 000, considering that the most expensive...
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Save for your child’s education

16 July 2018 – Education is costly and requires much thought and consideration. Without a proper savings strategy; you could find yourself running around for that extra cash to pay for your child’s education. “With the increasing education costs; parents should take it upon themselves to plan and save in advance. Not forgetting that unforeseen expenses...
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