10 000 title deeds transferred: ‘Ownership means dignity’ – FMF

“We’re happy to announce that 10 000 title deeds have been successfully transferred to the rightful homeowners, through the FMFs Khaya Lam initiative” – David Ansara, CEO of the Free Market Foundation

Through the concerted efforts of our generous sponsors, conveyancers, municipalities, and the Free Market Foundation (FMF)’s dedicated Khaya Lam team, we have been able to provide a sense of dignity and security that comes with property ownership to these deserving 10 000 recipients and their families. Today, the FMF hosted an event in Klapmuts, near Stellenbosch, in celebration of that achievement.

Stellenbosch Mayor, Adv Gesie van Deventer addressing the crowd in attendance.

Currently, in South Africa, there are between 5 and 7 million homes that are owned by municipalities, with at least 20 million South Africans living insecurely in them. Many of these properties were built by the apartheid government in so-called “dormitory” townships across the country. Many families built their own small houses but even so hold no title. ‘This reduces the residents of these homes to mere tenants, with no way of securing that the properties be left to their families when they pass on’, said David Ansara, CEO of the Free Market Foundation.