1st NGO –owned Nursing Surgery Unit launched


Nobahle Madolo, Ikamva Labantu’s new Clinical Nurse Practioner, sits in the brand new Nursing Surgery facility.

Ikamva Labantu launched its Nursing Surgery today, 9 March, at the Enkululekweni Wellness Centre in Khayelitsha.

The brand new facility delivers affordable, quality healthcare services and helps to alleviate the pressure that clinics and day hospitals in the surrounding area experience on a daily basis. The unit is owned by Ikamva Labantu and designed and developed by the Cipla Foundation under the Sha’p Left banner, which is supported by the Western Cape Department of Health.

Ananda Nel, Director of Ikamva Labantu says: ‘This project and partnership with the Cipla Foundation has been two years in the making. Today is a dream come true.’

The secure, custom-made unit is fully equipped with storage space, a radio and air conditioning. The unit includes a nurse’s surgery, a reception area and a medical spaza shop, where the public can access over-the-counter medications and personal healthcare products. The medical spaza shop will be rolled out as a second phase of the project in due course.

“This has been a special journey,” says David Grier, Managing Trustee of the Cipla Foundation SA. “No NGO, no corporate, no individual and no government can solve a country’s problems on their own. The most important person in the contingent is the patient; it’s about getting the best possible service to the patient at the end.”

Ikamva Labantu has employed a full-time Clinical Nurse Practitioner, Nobahle Madolo, who will provide primary healthcare services and dispense medication, as well as a receptionist to manage the facility.


This is the first time that one of the Sha’p Left Nursing Surgery units will be NGO-owned, providing a sustainable source of income for Ikamva Labantu, while serving the Khayelitsha community at the same time.

All services at the Nursing Surgery must be paid for by clients. Any profit from the project will cover the overheads thereof and the rest will be put back into Ikamva Labantu’s Health Services, which support the organisation’s three primary programmes: Early Childhood Development, Child and Youth Enrichment and Seniors.

The Nursing Surgery is an affordable alternative for members of the public who will be able to access the surgery from R20 – R200, including prescription medication. In comparison, a doctor’s visit in Khayelitsha can cost up to R350, excluding medication costs. Patients may also make appointments, thus shortening the time that they would normally spend waiting at a clinic.

The unit was funded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York. “Thanks to our funders, we were able to make this project a reality,” says Founder and Honourary President of Ikamva Labantu, Helen Lieberman. “This is something that the community deserves. We are very under-resourced in our township communities; this is a tiny drop in a community but we hope to be able expand on this so as to continue reaching more people. Healthy people make a healthy nation.”

Available services at the surgery include family planning, women’s health, HIV tests, wound care, check-ups and more. The launch of the medical spaza shop in the second phase of the project will make over-the-counter medications more accessible in an area where pharmacies are sparse.

Who is Ikamva Labantu?

 With over 50 years of experience, Ikamva Labantu has become one of South Africa’s largest non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

 We are committed to creating sustainable socio-economic change in Cape Town’s township communities.

By working hand-in-hand with community members, we seek to empower individuals and communities to become self-sufficient through the provision of training, support and resources.

We support some of Cape Town’s most vulnerable communities through our three main programmes: Early Childhood Development, Child and Youth Enrichment and our Seniors Programme. Through these, we reach up to 20,000 people every day. Read more at: www.ikamva.org

Ikamva Labantu Health Services in Khayelitsha

We provide primary health services and screening opportunities across all of our programmes and train our beneficiaries in preventative healthcare. Our Early Childhood Development programme and our Seniors Programme are based in H Section, Khayelitsha.

In the last year:

  • 151 children from surrounding community pre-schools received medical examinations through UCT SHAWCO
  • 1,321 children at surrounding community preschools received deworming treatment
  • 70 children cared for at our Kwakhanya Educare Centre
  • 30 ECD cooks provided with training on nutrition
  • 1,228 seniors were monitored for blood pressure and blood glucose
  • 880 seniors receive their chronic medication on-site
  • 880 seniors had eye screenings and 126 received spectacles
  • 212 seniors received dental visits
  • 7 Seniors had successful cataract reversal surgery at no personal cost

The placement of the nursing surgery in this location will allow us to provide primary, quality healthcare services to the wider community, at an affordable cost. Any profit from the nursing surgery project will be put back into Ikamva Labantu’s Health Services, which will continue to serve the beneficiaries of our programmes.

 What is Sha’p Left?

Sha’p Left is an initiative of the Cipla Foundation SA that blends a CSR-project with a sustainable business model. The project provides infrastructure, systems and support to healthcare personnel to enable the delivery of accessible, standardised, quality and affordable healthcare services to low-income communities.

Sha’p Left stores are typically individually owned through a partnership with the Cipla Foundation. Ikamva Labantu is the first NGO to purchase such a unit as a sustainable source of income for the organisation, whilst offering an affordable healthcare service to the community.

Gemma Cowan | Communications Coordinator | 021 461 8338 | gemma@ikamva.co.za