2 703* Schools Still Have Pit Toilets!


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This World Toilet Day, amongst other initiatives it is currently involved in, Domestos has pledged 100% of all profits from product sales towards solving the sanitation crisis.

Imagine you are in class and need to go. You have two options: a hole in the ground which might swallow you alive or the bush with all the dangers that could be lurking there. Poor sanitation is a harsh reality school going children face every day in South Africa. Some even miss school because of it.

Did you know that sanitation can negatively impact the quality of our children’s education? Out of the 4 major reasons children miss school, 3 are directly linked to sanitation – diarrhea, colds, flu and respiratory issues.

9 years ago, Unilever through one of their brands with purpose, Domestos, aimed to improve the lives of our school children and impact over 2 million people in South Africa by 2020 by delivering holistic and sustainable solutions to help solve our country’s school sanitation crisis.

In 2019 we have reached 2 million primary school learners through our sanitation education programmes, including Janitor training that focuses on maintenance of school toilets to keep them safe and hygienic.

Unilever PR Brand Specialist of Home Care, Mandisa Mbenenge reveals, “This World Toilet Day, I’m proud to announce that amongst other initiatives, Domestos has pledged 100% of all profits from product sales on the day towards solving the sanitation crisis, to demonstrate the brand’s purpose and our full commitment towards providing cleaner, safer toilets for all.”

Through partnerships between the government and private sector, it is possible to improve access to safe, dignified sanitation for all.

Let’s all join in, knowing that every bottle of Domestos in our homes makes us part of a team that is solving the country’s school sanitation crisis, school by school.

Because we are #UnstoppableTogether

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