June 3, 2015
Written by Steuart Pennington In this the third part of the three part series on SA’s Global Rankings I cover three new topics: People, Crime and Environment.   Guess what? SA is NOT amongst the heaviest ZOL rooking, booze drinking or crime committing nations when compared to the world’s 190 ‘measured’ countries.”  Background: Every year...
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Image Credit: Shutterstock/Africa Studio ‘Allow the public to generate power themselves as well’ say Solidarity In the end, the electricity crisis will have only one solution and that is to allow the public to also generate, distribute and sell power. This is what Solidarity, in collaboration with the do-it-yourself expo, KragDag, said today in a...
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Limited access to market is one of the fundamental barriers to South Africa’s attempts to boost small and medium enterprises (SME). This is according to Heather Lowe, Head of Enterprise Development at FNB Business. “South Africa’s approach to SME development needs to go beyond providing funding and early-stage mentorship. The country needs to find ways...
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