August 26, 2015
JASA A NGO, launches Expose It, a new platform for South Africans to take action and unite against corruption.   Story Highlights Expose It relies on citizen reports on bribery and corruption, incidents and hotpots. Reporting process is free and accessible to all South africans either via their website or using a free ussd number...
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From time to time, I see this sort of thing appearing on my Twitter timeline: …accompanied by much bewailing of the state of the nation, as well as accusations of “plundering” and “lost value”. Usually made by whatever the South African version is of angry white republicans from Iowa. I mean, firstly: Between 1973 and 1994,...
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Written by Mike Chandler After Dawie Roodt’s letter of last week, which, in many ways, combines both the good and the bad of our land I thought you’d like to read a letter written by visiting Brits who had a serious car accident in a remote part of the Karroo. It made me proud to...
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Steuart as a Speaker


Steuart has done some 500 talks on South Africa's progress since 1994 and SA's prospects for the future'