July 13, 2017
  MADIBA – A six part review. July 18th is a global celebration of Nelson Mandela’s life and the legacy he left for mankind. We are urged to take 67 minutes ‘time-out’ to do something to commemorate his life and make a small difference. Some argue we have ‘lost the plot’ – that Mandela’s life...
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Volunteering is an incredible experience – making an impact in our communities and in our country, was the call to action by our beloved Nelson Mandela, and in his honour Community Hours has set about giving you 67 opportunities to do just that. On more than “just one day” the spirit of human kindness extends...
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12 July 2017: Following the South African Reserve Bank’s move to keep interest rates at the same level, coupled with the notion that the bank may have reached the peak of its hiking cycle; home owners will probably be reluctant to fix their home loan interest rates. “Although there’s a good chance that interest rates...
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13 July 2017:  Gold as an asset class is generally considered as a safe haven because its value generally does not fall during times of uncertainty in the market. Chantal Marx, Head of Research at FNB Securities, says “Gold is a precious metal and as such its value is not influenced by the same factors...
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MANDELA DAY – JULY 18 – SOME IDEAS FOR ACTION Next Tuesday is Mandela Day, celebrated around the world. The call to action is to spend 67 minutes of your time making a difference. But what to do? At we receive many contributions on how each one of us can make a small difference....
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Steuart as a Speaker


Steuart has done some 500 talks on South Africa's progress since 1994 and SA's prospects for the future'