July 17, 2018
The Shea O’Connor Combined School Story – a good one for Madiba’s 100th! I have been involved with Columba Leadership programme, very much on the periphery, for many years. Today it has a considerable track record of success. Essentially their business model is to capacitate schools to effectively engage their learner population in social action...
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2018 is the 100th ANNIVERSARY of MADIBA’S BIRTH I thought we should acknowledge it by refreshing our memories on his extraordinary life. I have done this in six bite-size chunks. Character, Comrade, Leader, Prisoner, Negotiator, Statesman. Hope you enjoy the read Steuart Pennington MADIBA – A six part review. July 18th is a global celebration...
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South African Initiative Wins Prestigious WISE Awards  “Partners for Possibility” is part of the six 2018 WISE Awards Winning projects Doha, Qatar, July 17, 2018: The World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE), an initiative of Qatar Foundation (QF), today announced the South African project “Partners for Possibility” (PfP) as a winner of its 2018 WISE...
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Deep South pioneers green healthcare Cape Town, 25 June 2018: The Deep South, often jokingly referred to by people up the line, as ‘behind the lentil curtain’ is living up to its name, with Neighbourhood Farms flourishing at the first of 11 schools, and the provincial hospital set to be the greenest healthcare facility in...
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Steuart as a speaker


Steuart has done some 500 talks on South Africa’s progress since 1994 and SA’s prospects for the future

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