August 4, 2020
The Veldskoen is a perennial SA product, the sole of Africa, they didn’t let Covid19 unhinge their business – here’s what they learnt In the last four months since lockdown was announced, the well-loved SA brand, Veldskoen has transformed into a digital agency, launched in six countries, and had their best month ever. In a...
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Jobs Fund and partners commit R271 million through COVID-19 support intervention South Africa’s latest official unemployment rate of 30.1% means that approximately 7.1 million people where unemployed during the first quarter of 2020, a number that rises to 10.8 million when including those that have given up the search for employment. With lockdown restrictions having...
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Steuart as a speaker


Steuart has done some 500 talks on South Africa’s progress since 1994 and SA’s prospects for the future’