September 11, 2020
BY TYLER LEIGH VIVIER@TYLERLEIGHVSEP 10, 2020 2,737 Five young boys, now being called the “Magnificent 5”, are being praised for helping a very neglected Labrador to safety, even though it took them hours to walk there. Cape Town, South Africa (10 September 2020) – Children are so pure of heart, they often take on the most heroic of...
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Trained School Cleaners More Important Than Ever Johannesburg: With more and more learners returning to school, it is all hands-on deck to ensure adequate hygiene and sanitation measures are in place, particularly in the time of Covid-19. With so many schools across the country still not having access to basic water, hygiene, and sanitation services,...
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Steuart as a speaker


Steuart has done some 500 talks on South Africa’s progress since 1994 and SA’s prospects for the future’