2021 Prosperity Index Reveals Sub-Saharan Africa is a “Bright Light in a World of Stagnating Prosperity”

The Legatum Institute’s 2021 Prosperity Index has found that in Sub-Saharan Africa “prosperity has improved for the 11th year in a row” with the rate of extreme poverty falling from 49.9% to 42.3%.


· According to the Index, 40 out of the 49 countries in the region have seen an increase in prosperity since 2011, with this change being driven in part by improvements in the region’s healthcare systems where “the coverage of antiretroviral HIV therapy has increased from just 18% to 61% in just the past ten years”.


· Despite global prosperity stagnating for the second year running, Sub-Saharan Africa was one of only two regions which bucked this trend in 2021 with “modest but consistent progress” in the areas of health, levels of social tolerance, and infrastructure