March 3, 2021
WORLD BOOK DAY: CELEBRATE THE MAGIC OF BOOKS WITH THE READ INSTITUTE!   As soon as your child opens a book, something magical happens. From wondrous journeys through lands unknown and epic adventures, to lessons on kindness, courage and compassion. Inside every book’s cover is a whole new world just waiting to be discovered!  ...
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While COVID-19 disrupted people’s lives and changed the world, the Reach for a Dream foundation, which makes the dreams of three-to 18-year-old children fighting life-threatening illnesses come true, has continued to spread the joy of fantasies made real by doing so virtually.       Before COVID-19, Reach for a Dream relied heavily on in-person experiences, like a child meeting their role model or a famous personality, taking the children out for lunch or to the beach, or going to a dress-up party. This, however, was...
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Steuart as a Speaker


Steuart has done some 500 talks on South Africa's progress since 1994 and SA's prospects for the future'