# 22 SA Women in the UK

Meet the six South African women shining bright in the UK.

By Katy Scott – www.thesouthafrican.com

Six talented South African women are up for two South African Chamber of Commerce awards: ‘The Giving Back Award’ and ‘Woman in Business of the Year Award’.

These businesswomen have set an example for women everywhere by achieving all that they have in the male-dominated world of business.

The Giving Back Award will go to a business leader and/or company that has excelled in promoting corporate support for charities either within their own organisation or generally across the private sector.

The Woman in Business award will go to a hard-working woman who has displayed an enterprising spirit, determination and business acumen leading to success.

emma_davidson_affinity_capital1. Emma Davidson: Director and CEO – Affinity Capital
Emma Davidson is the Director and CEO of a London-based investment boutique specialising in structured investments and derivatives.

Davidson brings her unique brand of authenticity and integrity to the industry. Her business, Affinity Capital, offers truly independent advice and services in relation to the structuring, running and pricing of bespoke structured investments for clients.

Davidson is a published author and thought leader across a range of topics within the structured investments market niche. She has just been awarded the 2016 Enterprising Women of the Year Award.

Emma Davidson is up for the Woman in Business award

michelle_dunne2. Michelle Dunne: Founder – Michelle Dunne

Executive search consultant, Michelle Dunne, works across geographies and industries to help businesses attract and retain sustainable leadership teams to create and drive strategy.

Her clients have included VC funded fintech businesses, professional services firms, global investment banks, European banks, UK retail banks and other institutions, private equity funds and global law firms.

Dunne has a particular interest in gender parity in the workplace and is focused on the commercial imperative for competitive businesses to increase the pipeline of executive women in management and on boards and address the gender pay gap.

Michelle Dunne is up for the Woman in Business award

gail_klintworth_old_mutual3. Gail Klintworth: Group Customer Director and Responsible Business Lead – Old Mutual PLC

A key part of Gail Klintworth’s role at Old Mutual is to help the business become a recognised financial services leader in Responsible Business.

Prior to this, Klintworth held a number of positions at Unilever in her 28 years there, including Executive Vice President for the Savoury Category, Vice President for two Laundry brands and CEO of Unilever South Africa.

Klintworth is committed to making a significant contribution to positive socio-economic development through business. She has served as a director on a number of bodies including Business Leadership South Africa, the Business Trust in South Africa, and FoodBank SA.

 Gail Klintworth is up for the Giving Back award

ntombi_prudence_zwezwe_baartman4. Ntombi Prudence ZweZwe-Baartman: Director – ZeeZee Event Planners

Ntombi Prudence ZweZwe-Baartman brings South African taste and African themed decor to the UK through her catering and decoration company, ZeeZee Events.

Over the years ZeeZee Events has served the South African community in the UK with discounted prices while not compromising the quality of service offered.

ZweZwe-Baartman has catered everything from small formal dinners to weddigs and birthday parties for the South African community and other African  Diaspora Communities, as well as South Africa.

Ntombi Prudence ZweZwe-Baartman is up for the Woman in Business award

pumela_salela5. Pumela Salela: Country Head – Brand South Africa

Pumela Salela’s role is to market South Africa in the UK, attract foreign direct investment into South Africa, mobilise Global South Africans abroad and to manage the brand reputation of South Africa.

The Rockefeller Foundation acknowledged Salela’s contribution and innovation in formulating systems which address poverty by selecting her to be one the 18 global recipients of the foundation’s inaugural Global Fellowship on Social Innovation. She is the only South African to receive the honour.

Salela is a Board member of the Global Sourcing Council, an Ambassador for Sustainable and Socially Responsible Outsourcing in Africa, and sits on the Executive Committee of the Tri-Sister City Alliance, the first Sister City Alliance between BRICS cities in order to create jobs for knowledge workers.

Pumela Salela is up for the Giving Back award

tamzin_ractlife_the_impact_trust6. Tamzin Ractliffe: Founder / Executive Trustee – The Impact Trust

Tamzin Ractliffe founded the Impact Trust as a non-profit research and advocacy organisation committed to promoting social justice, environmental sustainability, literacy and youth leadership through citizenship.

The Impact Trust is reputed for its thought leadership and skill at working within the public, private and civil society sectors for leading ground-breaking efforts that address significant gaps in service delivery and development programming.

Ractliffe is currently also developing a sustainability leadership programme for school-going youth with a focus on social justice and environmental citizenship.

Tamzin Ractliffe is up for the Giving Back award

The South African Business Awards will be presented to the winners at a prestigious event in the Conservatory at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel in Harrington Gardens, Kensington, London on the evening of Wednesday 20th April. Each Business Award nominee will be presented with a framed certificate honouring their Business Award nomination with the winner in each category receiving the attractive desktop South African Business Award. A feature of the Business Awards evening will be the five star Tastes of South Africa buffet consisting of twelve of your favourite South African dishes.