5 Things You Can Do to Save the Ocean


 As part of a commitment to ocean awareness and education, the Wavescape Surf & Ocean Festival presented by VANS has laid out five practical things you can do to save the ocean.

“Instead of just releasing info about the festival this year, we wanted to add value to people’s lives with some practical tips on how we can help save our oceans,” said Shani Judes, festival director.

“We really want to make 2019 a year of conscientising and raising awareness as the stakes get higher. Being able to create the platform for ocean conservation education is a great privilege for us. We value the incredible work being done by the dedicated people we work with, namely Beach Co-op, Ocean Pledge, Sea-Change, Stomp Awards, CLiP, Cefas, Petco and others.”

Wavescape, which comprises 15 events in 10 venues around Cape Town for a month between 9 November and 9 December, works with partners to host beach clean-ups, an ocean conservation filmmakers’ master class, oceanic panel discussions and talks, themed conservation evenings, special film screenings, and fundraisers for community upliftment.

Following the successful launch in Durban this year of Slide Night, the evening of short, punchy talks by ocean thought leaders returns to Cape Town to the prestigious Centre for the Book to immerse us in science, sustainability, aesthetics, adventure and activism.

Wavescape introduces Oceans Alive, an evening of surf, ocean and activism in collaboration with Gone, Patagonia, Two Oceans Aquarium, Sea Change Project, Wildoceans, and big wave surfer Frank Solomon’s Sentinel Ocean Alliance. We host a panel discussion on the many ocean challenges facing Cape Town in recent times, and screen two short films.

The record 30 surf and ocean films retain surfing documentaries and surf films at its core, but include a growing number of hard-hitting ocean films, such as Plastic China and Oceans Without Limits.

“The narratives are changing. Sure it’s great entertainment, but there is more to having fun and being entertained,” continued Judes. “We are in a unique position to help change minds and boost the new wave of mindfulness – from the adoption of plastic-free alternatives to programmes that focus on our oceans.”


  1. Use Less Plastic and Recycle

We’re learning about the dire result of plastics that cause ocean habitat destruction and entangle marine animals. Take this to heart. Use the SAME water bottle. Reject plastic wrapped food. Use your own reusable bag or fabric tote.

  1. Support ocean activism

Find an ocean advocacy group who is fighting to protect ocean habitats and wildlife and consider supporting it, or volunteering for it. If you live on the coast, get involved in local projects.

  1. Take Care of the Beach

Attend beach cleanups and initiatives aimed at ridding the ocean of our debris. Don’t interfere with marine flora or fauna. It was a thing to collect shells but don’t any more. Everything is part of a cycle.

  1. Choose Sustainable Seafood

Fish populations are rapidly declining due to over-fishing and habitat degradation. Help stop the demand for overexploited species by choosing seafood that is sourced sustainably.

  1. Educate and Share your Ocean Knowledge

Earth cannot survive without the ocean. This vital eco-system needs to flourish. Many people don’t know this. Educate yourself with all supporting facts to inspire change, whether through your local political representative or on your social media feed, or just around dinner with friends.

More information at www.wavescapefestival.com

For access to our media kit (all marketing assets and programme), please click here


  • Sat 9 Nov – Vans Opening Night (live bands, “The Tony Alva Story” premiere),
    Jack Black’s Tap Room, 18:00
  • Thu 14 Nov – Ocean Pledge Film Night, The Electric, District Six, 18:00
  • Sat 16 Nov – The Beach Co-op Seaside Scavenge, Strandfontein Beach, 09:00
  • Mon 18-27 Nov – Artboard Exhibition, Jack Black’s Tap Room, 09:00-17:00
  • Wed 20 Nov – Oceans Alive: evening of surf, ocean and activism, Two Oceans Aquarium, 19:00
  • Thu 21-22 Nov – Deep South Surf Films, Camel Rock, Scarborough, 19:30
  • Sat 23 Nov – Beneath the Surface with The Beach Co-op, Harvest Cafe, Muizenberg, 18:30
  • Wed 27 Nov – Artboard Charity Auction, Jack Black’s Tap Room, Diep River, 19:00
  • Sat 30 Nov – Clifton 4th Beach Screening, 20:00
  • Mon 2 Dec – Slide Night, Centre for the Book, 19:00
  • Wed 4 Dec – Changing Oceans Master Class, InvestSA One Stop Shop, 18:30
  • Thu 5-8 Dec – Film Festival, Labia Theatre, 18:15 and 20.30
  • Thu 5 Dec – Vans Night, 20:30
  • Fri 6 Dec – “Plastic China” screening with The Beach Co-op, 18:15
  • Fri 6 Dec – York Night, 20.30
  • Sat 7 Dec – All Africa Night, 20:30
  • Sun 8 Dec – Gone Night, 20:30

2019 Highlights

Artboard Charity Exhibition and Auction: at Jack Black’s Tap Room. Artists are Michael Chandler, Karabo Poppy, Brett Murray, Arno Carstens, Heath Nash, Lionel Smit, Lucie De Moyencourt, Jake Aikman, Kate Arthur, and Grace Cross. Added to the lineup is a board shaped by Wawa Wooden Surfboards and decorated by former world surfing champion Shaun Tomson, with his 12 codes hand written and signed on one side, with the other decorated by top SA artist Blessing Ngabane.

Oceans Alive: An evening of surf, ocean and activism in collaboration with Gone, Patagonia, Two Oceans Aquarium, Sea Change Project, Wildoceans, and big wave surfer Frank Solomon’s Sentinel Ocean Alliance. We host a panel discussion on the many ocean challenges facing Cape Town in recent times, and screen two short films.

Slide Night: the following speakers present 10 minute talks – scientist Sarah Andreotti on the latest white shark research, comedian Nik Rabinowitz on his mystery mission, ocean therapy advocate Dr Helgo Schomer, surfboard hobbyist Warren Talbot, scientist Jannes Landschoff on amazing ocean discoveries around Cape Town, the evocative photos of Caleb Bjergvelt, SANBI student Loyiso Dunga on his ocean journey to healing, and SA surfing champion Tasha Mentasti on women in surfing.

Clifton 4th beach film screening: Starts at 20h00, this feast of family orientated surf films and ocean shorts will inspire and entertain on the eve of another Cape Town summer season.

Partners: Vans, Jack Black Beer, Wesgro, Petco, Long Beach Capital, Gone, Cefas, CLiP, and York Surf.

Beneficiaries: All proceeds from the event are donated to beneficiaries The Beach Co-op, NSRI, 9Miles Project, Ocean Pledge, Adaptive Surfing South Africa, Shark Spotters, the Sabrina Foundation, and Sentinel Ocean Alliance. The 2018 art auction raised R782, 000.

 Websites: www.wavescapefestival.com   www.wavescape.co.za