A delightful ‘Easter Time’ Reminder

By Maxine Iwaniuk

Hi everyone ❤️ we’ve been back in SA for just over two months now, and since being here I compiled a list of the things I missed and took for granted before we moved to the UK.

Here it goes, hope this is the push you needed to come home. 😁

☀️Doing fun things is actually affordable and within reach! (Swimming, braai, going to friends who actually follow through with plans and don’t cancel🤩)

☀️My boys will have experiences here that just aren’t possible anywhere else

☀️Bush holidays…. My word I missed those

☀️Restaurants – the pure abundance and variety here is something I missed so much, and I’d say a good 75% of them have great food… and a VIBE!!

☀️not having to clean the house myself anymore… this is a luxury for the rich in most of the world and we are SO lucky to have it within arm’s reach here.

☀️affordable childcare !!! As much as I adore my boys, spending 24/7 with two toddlers inside was pure torture.

☀️Hanging the washing outside…. Self explanatory 😂

☀️The amount of people who constantly acknowledge my children, the smiles they get in shops! The thumbs up and waves from strangers, It fills me up every time…

☀️Woolworths…. Lamington salted Caramel Swiss rolls guys…. 🤤🤤🤤

☀️Not having to salt any food in restaurants because it is so tasty and full of flavour to begin with!!

☀️Ordering a leftover takeaway without receiving a side eye and exasperated sigh. 😂😂

☀️Walking around barefoot… everywhere, even shopping malls 😂

☀️Just leaving the house without having to put on 20 layers is enough for me… just a pair of slops 😁

☀️The constant sunshine – this has to be the biggest one for me. ☀️☀️☀️☀️

☀️Swimming pools outside! No more sharing the pool with 20 – 30 strangers…. Under a roof (usually being rained on)

☀️Braais…. The smell ….

☀️Biltong with yellow fat!!! Yum

☀️Wearing my sunglasses every day 😁☀️

☀️Actually having to leave the house to shop, not that I don’t like online shopping, I loved it. But getting out of the house was so important to me and who doesn’t love to stroll up and down the aisles and impulse shop. Especially for household goods.

☀️Having a decent temperature water come out the taps (instead of ice cold or pure flames)

☀️The helpfulness of everyone around you, you can almost guarantee if you ask a passerby to help you with something they will do it with a huge smile on their face.

☀️beautiful BIG houses that are more than just a block shape, and so affordable

☀️built in cupboards (if you hail from the UK you know what I mean) and storage space 😁

☀️There is SO much more… but lastly the fact that my family is only minutes away, I can call them anytime to pop over, I don’t miss out on gatherings anymore. My boys get cuddles from everyone and feel SO loved here.

☀️Never having to convince myself to be happy…. I just AM🤩🤩

When you are truly happy then no one can put you down. When people ask us why we left the UK it is the shortest conversation, they can see it on my face and it even causes them to smile at the positivity and outlook I have about our country.

To those of you who came back, enjoy your new/old life.

To those of you still coming, get excited!!!! No regrets 🤩