A Good Deed

The Nottingham Road Mandela Day Celebration – An unexpected response from: 

by Steuart Pennington

You may recall the article I wrote on the Mandela Day “Dragon’s Den” https://www.sagoodnews.co.za/mandela-day-changing-stumbling-blocks-stepping-stones/ event a month ago in which Georgina Marques mrqgeo001@gmail.com, and Olivia March, associated with the Nelson Mandela Capture Site in Howick, organised a fun evening, first to celebrate Mandela Day and second, to raise money for six local Midlands NGO’s (Non-governmental Organisations).

R13050 was raised from +/- 100 local donors.

The event, at the Notties Hotel, sponsored by Clive Foss was well-supported and great fun.

The six NGO’s were:

Khazimula Children’s Project – presented by Liny Bradford.

Kamberg Valley Association – presented by Claire March

Midlands Community College – presented by Margaret Johnstone

Rural Animal Welfare – presented by Lauren Williams.

Alternatives to Violence project – presented by Buyile Mpungose

The Howick Museum – presented by Tau Lenkena.

The winner was the Khazimula Children’s Project.

I sent the story out via the Nottingham Road Landowners association c/o of Janine O’Neill and the Gowrie Homeowners Association c/o Fiona Spence .

Below was the surprise response:

Hi Fiona,

This is a fantastic initiative.

If I could get the banking details of all these NGO’s,  our family will make a donation to each one.

Many Thanks,


Marc Eyres | Group Customer Executive | Tiger Brands

How’s that?