A-grade women butchering gender norms

Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator, the not-for-profit social enterprise with extensive experience in building solutions to solve the youth unemployment challenge, continues to build out-the-box, scalable programmes to help South African youth find employment.

Here the organisation shares an inspiring story about young women who have broken gender norms and are excelling as scarce skilled butchers.

August 9th marks Women’s Day in South Africa and serves as a reminder of the courageous and resourceful women of 1956 who fought for freedom and dignity. Despite this, labour force participation remains lower for young women than for young men even with an increased focus on legislation and diversity in the workplace. 

Breaking Barriers, Harambee’s Quarterly Employment Report, takes a closer look at the barriers that young women face in finding and keeping jobs and what solutions are working. Please read it here and also watch young people speaking directly about these issues here.