A Peach of a Campaign

Stone Fruit Industry helps with SA School Books

The  South African stone fruit industry is collaborating with UK schools in a book drive initiative which encourages primary schools in the UK to support young children in South Africa by donating English reading books. This forms part of the ‘Help a South African School’ scheme and the SA stone fruit industry is, in turn, now assisting with the transportation and distribution of the books to the various South African schools.

This week Hortgro – the stone fruit industry body – has delivered the first batches of books to schools in Atlantis and Mamre.  Philadelphia Primary, Darling Primary, Avondale Primary and Berzelia Primary were among some of the schools receiving the books and all of them welcomed the donation with open arms. The book delivery comes at a great time for Berzelia Primary school, as the school is in the process of upgrading its library.  Meanwhile, Avondale Primary staff and learners were so thrilled by the books donation that they have invited Hortgro back to the school assembly on Monday morning, 27 August so that they may give a special thank you.

Jacques du Preez, General Manager Trade & Markets for Hortgro said, “This project illustrates the strong link between purchasing South African fruit and making a difference to the country.  It has galvanised support from across the industry and beyond.”

Completing the circle, and as a thank you, Hortgro is also running a competition to give one UK school the chance to learn about the South African stone fruit industry.  The competition is fronted by the BBC’s Disaster Chefs and Gastronuts, Stefan Gates, who will be doing a series of exciting and educational fruit-based activities with the winning UK school – and they’re bound to enjoy some delicious peaches, plums and nectarines as they do so.

More books from UK schools will be delivered to other underprivileged schools in and around the Western Cape over the next two weeks.