Afrocentric renovates Charlotte Maxeke Hospital classrooms, Johannesburg

To ensure that more than 100 learners who are being hospitalised for a long time at Charlotte Maxeke continue to receive their education, Afrocentric Health has refurbished sections of the hospital to custom-made classrooms, upgraded a computer-lab and renovated a custom-designed playground.

The latest renovations by the healthcare arm of AfroCentric Investment Corporation Limited, which houses other AfroCentric’s healthcare companies, which cost the company R800 000, are located on the ninth floor of the hospital.

The Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Hospital School (CMJHS) ensures Grade R to Grade 12 learners, receive medical treatment without interrupting their education.

“The renovations are in furtherance of Afrocentric Health’s belief that children are our future and that each child deserves the opportunity and support to achieve his or her best,” said Dr Anna Mokgokong, chairperson of Afrocentric Health.

“This tremendous gift will give them the healing environment they deserve and the facilities to match the level of the care provided by doctors and teachers,” added Dr Mokgokong.

“Afrocentric Health is truly a shining example of deep care and kindness.  We are grateful for the help. This is our community hospital and we all need to contribute to its progress.  We appreciate the generous donation,” said Chief Executive Officer of Charlotte Maxeke Hospital.

Principal of the hospital school, Ronel von Biljon said: “Being in hospital and receiving education is strange to some people. It should not be.  Research has shown that children who are in hospital and continue their schooling get better.”

For many years the hospital depended on volunteers to help children undergoing treatment. Some of these children have long-term illnesses and need to remain hospitalised for months and even years.

With the qualified teachers that have been appointed by the Department of Education and Afrocentric Health’s donation, learners continue to receive their education in a hospital environment, no different to their original schools.

During the past eight years, Afrocentric Health has spent more than R2-million, providing new equipment in the playground, painting walls, donating classroom furniture suitable for children with special needs and laptops for teachers.

AfroCentric Health Limited, formerly known as Lethimvula Investments Limited, is the healthcare arm of AfroCentric Investment Corporation Limited which houses healthcare companies.  It focuses on health administration, health risk management, HIV/Aids disease management, health-centric information and communications technology-based solutions.

“Many hospitals are facing increasing demands for health financing, with limited resources available and dwindling donor financing. This compels the hospitals to come up with innovative financing mechanisms.  For us, Charlotte Maxeke is a shining example of the impact of public-private partnerships,” said Dr Mokgokong.

“We are proud of the hospital’s legacy and look forward to building on that legacy to continue to provide the highest quality health care to learners who are being hospitalised here. This donation of education infrastructure is a significant step towards that goal,” she said.