“All Rise” – South African Roger Chennells

By Steuart Pennington

“All Rise” by South African Roger Chennells is as unusual as it is fascinating; first of all it is most eloquently written, eminently readable and tantalizingly gripping. Comprising 42 short stories, many with a Roald Dahl type ending and an unexpected twist “All Rise” is an intriguing narrative of the author growing up somewhat eccentrically in Zululand, graduating as a lawyer, initially absorbing himself with the rights of the of the downtrodden Cape Coloured community and then going on to become a globally recognised Human Rights activist focusing mainly on the rights of the indigenous or First Nation peoples of the world. Many of the stories are highly entertaining as he describes his journey of land claims and indigenous patents for the SAN peoples through WIMSA (Working group of Indigenous Minorities in Southern Africa) in the Kalahari, the Aboriginal peoples of Australia in the Outback, the Rastafari Leadership in Jamaica, and the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples at the UN. His mimicry of the accents and figures of speech of his varied ‘clients’ is rich, and the stories within the stories will inevitably bring a smile to your eyes as you enjoy his off-beat sense of humour. In an understated way he tells of his Human Rights successes which are mostly unheralded, and which reveal considerable achievement as well as unknown aspects of the proud culture of indigenous peoples. Roger is a really good storyteller, I guarantee you will enjoy this book, hang on his every word and only want for more!

The book can be ordered as follows

  1. From takealot via this link https://www.takealot.com/all-rise/PLID94086631
  2. From the author via email. Write to  allrisebook@gmail.com advise Name, nearest Postnet and cellphone number.
  3. Available at Stellenbosch Books. 14 Andringa street, Stellenbosch. (021 8826754) R250 per book and R100 for postage