Ballet dancer inspires SA with epic comeback

Christa Calitz Named Deep Heat Urban Athlete for Inspirational Comeback

 Johannesburg, 25 May 2018: In 1996, Christa Calitz’s dream of becoming a professional ballet dancer and teacher shattered when she fell out of a moving bus due to a faulty door, and was subsequently dragged beneath it.

The result of the accident required Christa to undergo extensive surgery to not only affix the veins and nerves in her leg, but to also re-attach her foot which was connected to her leg by one ambitious artery.

The damage to Christa’s leg was so devastating that the orthopaedic surgeon provided a sad diagnosis: that she would never walk again, and nor would she be able to keep her leg for much longer.

In a determined effort to prove the doctor wrong, Christa spent a gruelling two-year period in and out of various hospitals for the reconstruction and rehabilitation process – while constantly battling infections. She also took on horse riding to assist in the recovery process. “It was amazing how this intuitive creature adapted to my injured leg; the emotional and physical benefits I received from this type of therapy was immense,” says Christa.

“After my ordeal, I did not dance for 21 years. It was even too painful to watch dancing shows on TV. Once I became a mother – though never mentioning my love for dancing – I noticed that my three year old daughter had a natural inclination towards it. We enrolled her in dance classes, and watching her fuelled my passion to learn again,” Christa adds.

Christa has now been dancing for two years and is getting stronger every day. An inspiration to many South Africans who have also suffered unfortunate adversities, Christa has been named one of Deep Heat’s Urban Athletes – a campaign that honours everyday heroes that have made an about-turn for the better in their life.

Christa can only hope that her story motivates others who have suffered, and inspires them to never let their dreams fade.