BIC Supports Healthcare Workers Through Donating Millions

Johannesburg, South Africa: BIC, a world leader in stationery, lighters, and shavers, has pooled its resources in support of healthcare workers across the globe. These efforts include manufacturing personal protective equipment (PPE) and donating more than R26 million worth of writing instruments, colouring products, and razors to support local communities, hospitals, children and the homeless around the world.

In South Africa, BIC has recently supplied thousands of pens, pencils and razors to the state hospitals that are under the most pressure as a result of COVID-19. Providing writing materials for individual, personal use not only facilitates the daily lives of health professionals but also contributes to their protection. Meanwhile, the supply of personal care products will assist in the improved hygiene of patients and hospital staff.

“This is a simple way in which BIC can make a meaningful contribution while offering a gesture of thanks for the tireless effort and work of health professionals,” says BIC Marketing Director – South East and Central Africa, Lillian Henderson.

South Africans are encouraged to not only play our part but also show support. Now is the time that healthcare workers need our support more than ever.