Bobby Locke Banned for his Birdies? – Grant Winter

By Steuart Pennington

When Bobby Locke’s wife Mary tragically died in September of 2000, 13 years after Bobby had died of meningitis, she had the forethought to leave Grant Winter all the memorabilia that she had collected during Bobby’s 29 illustrious years as one of the world most successful, eccentric and respected golfers. Using these cartoons, press cuttings, old golf cards and photographs Grant has compiled a splendid, fascinating, account of Bobby’s career as a golfer; his life as a 19th hole entertainer; his war record; and of much of the controversy that followed his banning in the US; his style of play; and the politics of world golf. I don’t think you have to be a golfer, or even marginally interested in sports, to enjoy this book. It’s a marvelous biography of an extraordinary South African whose sporting accomplishments were interrupted by WW2, during which Bobby was an accomplished bomber pilot, bedeviled by complicated travel arrangements, and met with fierce opposition from many of the countries he ‘invaded’ with his extraordinary skill. This golfer from ‘Africa’ won 7 of the first 13 tournaments he entered in the US (never to be repeated), four British Opens and literally hundreds of tournaments worldwide, but unlike many of to-days professionals he had a special human touch travelling the country, pitching up a small local clubs (some of them 9-hole courses), playing with the locals and entertaining them with his ukulele, dry wit  and a couple of Castles. A heart warming read.

Grant Winter self-published to honour Mary Locke’s wishes and Bobby Locke’s extraordinary legacy.

Available from Grant Winter at Contact him if you wish to obtain a copy.

ISBN 978-1-77636-399-5