BOOK REVIEW Special Children’s Book – I Miss Daddy, he died of COVID-19. #ThisIsUs

By Alicia English


I am reaching out to you regarding a special children’s book project called I Miss Daddy, written by my 7-year-old son Matthew and I. The book is in memory of my 45-year old husband Noel English who sadly passed away on 17 January 2021 due to Covid-19. Coming to terms with my husband’s death has not been easy, in fact, it has been particularly tough on my sons (18, 7 and 3 years old). I initially wanted to capture Matthew’s memories of his dad as a personal keepsake to look back on. I soon realised that creating a safe space in which he felt free to express his memories of his dad is helping him to deal with his grief on his level.


In the past few months since my husband’s passing, I have been digging deep to find purpose in his death. Making this book available for FREE to foundation phase learners in underprivileged communities to help them with their own grief, while promoting a reading culture, will be our way of adding meaning to our loss. This is how we choose not to be defeated by Covid-19.


On 25 August, which would have been my husband’s 46th birthday, we had the amazing privilege of launching the book from our home in Mitchell’s Plain. In September, we were able to donate 900 of the 3000 copies we printed to primary schools in Mitchell’s Plain. People can also buy the book for R55 directly from us.


Our objective now is to publish and print 10 000 copies of the book and make it available for FREE to children in under-resourced schools in the Western Cape, and as funds become available, roll it out to the rest of the country. We also hope to translate the book in other South African languages as funds become available.


South Africa is a nation in mourning and our children need all the help they can get to help them make sense of this devastating loss they are experiencing.


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