Bringing Together Breast Cancer Warriors, Survivors and Champions

Always a highlight on the content calendar is the Strawberry Lips Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign to raise funds for PinkDrive. As the number one cancer affecting South African women and with one in 27 women developing the disease in their lifetime, it’s an important cause to Strawberry Lips as a feminine and fearless brand.

On 1 October, Strawberry Lips launched #PinkDiaries. The campaign consisted of 14 compelling stories from local celebrities, influencers and breast cancer survivors as they share how their lives have been affected by breast cancer, encouraging others to do regular self-examinations and check-ups.

Like those of Mompreneur Jade Wyngaardt who seemed to have it all, a thriving business and two gorgeous children, only to be diagnosed with breast cancer and then discover that she was also pregnant. Her doctors told her she had to make a choice, either she could leave for born children motherless or abort her unborn twins. Danielle Bitton, aka the Sea Point Balcony singer, was living her dream as the lead Eva Peron in the worldwide tour of the hit musical Evita when she discovered a lump in her breast. Instead of falling apart, she channelled her fears and anxiety into the role she was born for – that of a warrior. While celebs Sibs Mafu and Zoe Brown share their experiences of losing loved ones to breast cancer and taking that pain and channelling it instead to encouraging everyone in their lives to do regular breast examinations so that they don’t become a statistic. And, so much more.

“We’re incredibly humbled by Strawberry Lips’ continued support of PinkDrive during breast cancer awareness month, especially this year when the COVID-19 pandemic as had a severe impact on our services,” exclaims Noelene Kotschan, CEO and Founder PinkDrive.

For every week of October, Strawberry Lips will be sharing the stories of brave South African Women and opening dialogue to inform and overcome anxieties, so that more of us get screening to prevent and combat breast cancer.

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