CALL TO ACTION: Coronation Supports Food Security in SA


Coronation supports food security in South Africa as it participates in world record attempt at food can collection

Coronation supports Ladles of Love, Food Forward and other hunger relief initiatives in its mission to feed hundreds of thousands of families this winter.


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WE CAN DO IT: Wendy Bergsteedt of Coronation and Danny Diliberto of Ladles of Love are asking South Africans to support the Guinness World Record attempt for the longest line of food cans, in aid of thousands of hungry families and dozens of critical soup kitchens during this challenging time for the nation


Cape Town, 19 August 2021 – Coronation Fund Managers has partnered with Ladles of Love in a Guinness World Record attempt to build a 6.7km line of food cans as part of its greater mission to support food security across South Africa.


The hunger relief NGO Ladles of Love is staging a Guinness World Record attempt for the most food cans ever collected and displayed together in a line on a single day, at the V&A Waterfront on Sunday 29 August.


The goal is to raise 90 000 cans, totalling a collective 6.7km long row of cans when placed side by side. The record attempt is a celebration of Mandela’s legacy and an attempt to feed thousands of hungry families across our nation who are currently facing economic hardship as a result of the pandemic and weak economy. The previous record for the longest line of food cans was set in Canada in 2014 and totalled 3.28km. More volunteers and cans are still needed.


Following what is set to be a successful world record attempt, the plan is to distribute the cans, as well as other food across the Western Cape, and to send a large consignment of non-perishable food to vulnerable communities in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng who were affected by the recent unrest.


“Coronation is proud and excited to be teaming up with Ladles of Love in the Guinness World Record attempt on 29 August. Our staff are already passionately involved in the pre-event collection of food cans and will come out in full force to volunteer as marshals and participants on the day,” said Wendy Bergsteedt, Group Head of Marketing and CSI at Coronation.


“We invite South Africa to join us in supporting this amazing initiative by donating food cans and walking the line on the day. Let’s all work together to see this record not only broken but smashed!”


Bergsteedt explained that Coronation became involved in the initiative because the company regarded food security as a critical issue close to their hearts. “Food is a basic human necessity, and we believe that you can’t heal a hungry nation. During this challenging time for our country’s people, supporting food security also means supporting nation-building. So, our biggest objective at Coronation at this moment is to feed hundreds of thousands of families this winter. This is why we decided to support Ladles of Love, as well as many other food aid initiatives across South Africa. We are because of others and need to do what we can to support our communities.”


Coronation also chose to get involved because Ladles of Love’s work resonated with them. “Ladles of Love had been doing excellent work in hunger relief before the pandemic, but really stepped up their game during the pandemic. Ladles of Love is exceptionally well organised and has a wide community network, both in terms of donors and beneficiaries. They are making an incredible contribution towards hunger relief in South Africa, so we are proud to support them, alongside supporting other fantastic organisations such as Food Forward and various education NGOs and school feeding schemes in our most vulnerable communities,” said Bergsteedt.


Bergsteedt stressed that it was important for South Africans to treat every day as Mandela Day and not to give to charity on only one day of the year. “It’s a matter of purpose and principle to treat every day as Mandela Day – that’s how we move the needle on the serious socio-economic issues facing our nation during this difficult time in our history.” Both Coronation and Ladles of Love will stay committed to this cause long after this record is broken, and regard it as just one of many milestones in a greater mission to address hunger in local communities.


How everyone can get involved in the Ladles of Love world record attempt:


It’s simple:

  1. Donate food cans.

It’s very simple to do online. You can do this by visiting Webtickets or the Ladles of Love website.

  1. Volunteer to help.

Corporates and individuals can get involved.  Coronation invites all Capetonians to join the campaign to make the magic happen.

  1. Walk the line

The public can take part in helping Ladles of Love to break the Guinness World Record for the longest line of food cans on Sunday 29 August by signing up on webtickets