Calling CEO’s to Spend a Day in a Wheelchair to Make a Difference


March is National Intellectual Disability Awareness month and we are challenging company CEOs to spend one work day in a wheelchair in an effort to create awareness about challenges faced by people with limited mobility and to raise much-needed funds towards the care of 300 children and adults with profound intellectual disability at LITTLE EDEN Society.

Over 70% of LITTLE EDEN Society residents have been abandoned or come from indigent families who are unable to support them financially. One of the residents, 8-year old Bright, has both profound intellectual and physical disability – he depends entirely on a wheelchair and his carers for mobility and for all his basic needs. His most exciting role currently is that of being an Ambassador for this Campaign alongside South African Paralympic Rower, Sandra Khumalo. Sandra has been an advocate for persons living with disability, tackling issues such as reproductive rights for women with disability and unfriendly disability infrastructure.

We challenge you to participate in this campaign for the opportunity to experience and see the world through the eyes of someone who relies on a wheelchair for mobility.  Spending one work day in a wheelchair will allow participants the opportunity to put day-to-day frustrations into perspective and make an impact in the lives of some of the most vulnerable members of our society, people with profound intellectual disability. It is also an important opportunity for them to be a mouthpiece for those with limited mobility due to physical disabilities.

The goal is to raise R1.5 million through this campaign. We appeal to CEOs to consider an exceptional donation on behalf of their companies. In acknowledging 55 years of existence of our Organisation this year, we appeal for a sponsorship of R55 000 (R35 000 for SMEs).

For more information please contact Zai Miller at or visit our website