Camp Clean at the Bay


Coca-Cola Peninsula Beverages (CCPB) has put together a swat clean-up crew to ensure that beach-goers to Camps Bay and Strand beaches on January 2 and 3 are not greeted by piles of rubbish on arrival. The clean-up crews will be on-site on these days from 6am – 8am.

CCPB regularly organises beach clean-ups in an effort to contribute towards environmental sustainability. In 2016, organised clean-ups took place at Strand and Milnerton beaches where more than 1350kg of rubbish were collected and sorted for recycling.

The festive season is unfortunately a time when litter on the beach becomes problematic with revellers at beach parties not taking their rubbish with them or disposing of it in the municipal bins provided.

“We’re aware of photos of empty bottles and other rubbish on popular beaches being shared on social media by beach-goers, who arrive in the morning at the beach to find the unsightly mess greeting them. We decided to be proactive as part of our commitment to sustainability and protecting the environment and put together two teams of 15 each to tackle the problem on the popular Camps Bay and Strand beaches,” said Priscilla Urquhart, Public Affairs and Communications Manager for Coca-Cola Peninsula Beverages.

“We are not just picking up litter. We are helping make these beaches and our City something to be proud of, creating awareness about beach litter and protecting the environment at the same time. At Coca-Cola Peninsula Beverages we are passionate about our communities and making a difference that matters; the beach clean-ups are just one way for us to demonstrate this passion.”

For more information, please contact Priscilla Urquhart on 083-798-6545 or Visit for more information about our company and our products.