Celebrating 100 years of Madiba – A Portrait visible from Outer Space

A Portrait of Madiba, Visible from Outer Space

On Tuesday, April 24th at Zonderwater Maximum Correctional Centre 67 Blankets for Madiba will be making HISTORY by creating the Largest Portrait Blanket in the World, depicting the face of our beloved father of our nation, Nelson Mandela. This is the way our 67 Blankets family will be paying tribute to Madiba in this, his centenary year.

Dignitaries, the powers that be from the Department of Correctional Services and our 67 Blankets family from all around the world will gather on this day to celebrate the man who changed the course of our history, our international icon Nelson Mandela.

The inmates serving life sentences will be spreading our thousands of blankets (made with love) over the course of several days to create the pattern of the face of Madiba – our Massive Mandela Masterpiece – to be ready for the WORLD to witness how stitch by stitch we are keeping the legacy of our great icon – and the ideals for which he stood – alive.

We are knitting our lives together. We are “Knitting Broken Lives Together” behind prison walls, we are “Knitting our Nation Together”, we are “Knitting Nations Together”. As a result of our hard work, thousands more people living in dire need will be kept warmer this coming winter.

Our Massive Mandela Masterpiece will cover an entire rugby field and the face of Madiba will be so big, you will only see the full image from the sky and outer space!

Carolyn Steyn “KnitWits for Madiba”.

info@67blankets.co.za. In the subject line type “April 24”.