Celebrating Our Womanhood by Helping One Another Grow

The Victim Empowerment Programme ladies who work tirelessly with Mama Selistien Moses (second from the right) to make a difference in the community.

Clover Mama Afrika’s Mama’s are the epitome of women who celebrate womanhood by helping one another grow. One specific Mama that gives her heart and soul to assisting others is Mama Selistien Moses from Ashbury in the Western Cape.

Witnessing women going through traumatic experiences was enough to fuel Mama Selistien to work together with members of the police and her community and form a trauma centre where women and children are able to go for care and assistance.

 Doing good by empowering women and helping them grow

“Don’t only talk, DO SOMETHING!’ is what Mama Selistien Moses from Ashbury outside Montagu says, does and strongly believes in. In order to create awareness for abuse against women and children, Mama Selistien recently invited 40 women from her community to her centre, gave them a proper plate of food and spoilt them by giving them a gift bag in order to give these women hope.

As Mama Selistien says, “Even when we feel hopeless during tough times, what I did was aspire to give women hope. No matter what you are going through, there is always hope!” Mama Selistien even went so far as to take all the children to the trauma room at the local police station in order to make them aware that there is a place of safety for them, and that there are women who will support them and look after them and their safety, should the need arise.

Empowering women is a focal point of Clover Mama Afrika’s programme. “Women should feel empowered by what they do and we provide training and upskilling to our Mama’s to empower them even more. Some of our Mama’s go above and beyond to help others grow and Mama Selistien Moses is a perfect example of this,” explains Prof Elain Vlok, Clover Manager, Clover Mama Afrika Trust.

Clover Mama Afrika, Clover’s corporate sustainability initiative, is a community-led approach aimed at reducing poverty in neighbourhoods by empowering women and those around them to empower the generation that comes after them.

“I work with the police on a daily basis together with a number of Victim Empowerment  Programme volunteers. I am also a member of the CPF community policing forum. It is so important to empower other women and to make sure they know how and where to find help. We will be having a peace march this month to hand over a memorandum to Colonel Wewers and the judge, to not allow bail for the suspects of sexual assault on women and children. This programme is something that hits home and is very close to my heart. I want to be there for people because I know the feeling of hurting and just needing the strong arms of someone to hold you, listen and not judge you,” explains Mama Selistien.

 “Mama Sella, I take my hat off to you. Thank you for doing, taking action and not only talking. We need more women of your calibre. All the best with this stunning outreach to your community. Your selfless work is not always appreciated, but so necessary,” says Prof Vlok.

For donations to the trauma room contact Mama Selistien Moses on 084 761 8132 or Constable Esmeralda De Koker on 062 371 8657.