Childline: Quietly Making a Massive Contribution Behind The Lockdown

We thank our partners for your support, enabling us to deliver services during the past 21 days of the COVID-19 pandemic and Lockdown.  You have enabled us to serve during the State of Disaster, 27th March 2019 until the 16th April 2020, as per the attached report.

Childline Gauteng has answered 12 503 calls in the past 21 days: 662 pertained to COVID-19 and 647 requests for information about services (including COVID related health information); 329 abuse cases; 99 neglected children plus 70 poverty related concerns; 159 family problems plus 77 legal family issues; 539 smaller categories; and the balance of callers who are silent, hang up or test the counsellors responses before disclosing their problems.

The desperation and urgency of callers is increasing daily as the Lockdown continues into the second phase: increased fear and panic; abusive behaviour – to women and children; poverty and immediate hunger; separation from parents; shack fires; run away children; parents drinking and not obeying the lockdown regulations; and many more.

The Childline Gauteng counsellors continue to dispense valuable COVID-19 information on: safety / prevention measures; health information on symptoms, testing clinics, ambulance procurement and hospital services for those that are positive; referrals to the food line which is not able to distribute to all; and available shelters.

The SA Police Service and DSD have delivered exceptional services to children and families at this time.  We honour them, the medical workers, the essential services organisations and the many people who have risen up to serve those that are vulnerable at this time.

We trust that we will collectively “flattened the curve” and a new South Africa will emerge from the lessons learned during Covid-19 where: the right to equality, dignity and life is assured; a reduction of gross economic inequality; increased services, compassion and support for vulnerable people; and a restoration of pride in our country and our people working together to build a great nation demonstrating our African Humanity.

We thank you for being part of the Childline support team!

Great Respect

Lynne Cawood

Full report available from Childline

Childline Gauteng-21-Days Initial Phase of Lockdown-Report.pdf – Click Here