Clean-up Initiative Rids Johannesburg of over 181 Tons of Waste

Launched in November 2020, the Live Life Always project, which has created job opportunities for 10 otherwise unemployed Diepsloot residents, has collected over 27,835  bags of litter, which amounts to over 181 tons of waste.

The program is not only supporting families who have been tremendously affected by the lockdown, but is highlighting the devastating impact waste plastic and litter has on our planet.

“My passion has always been about saving our beautiful planet and if we don’t as a human race make a change, then my daughter being 5 years old, will be the last generation on this planet. Together we have to make the change and not leave it for someone else to take on this responsibility. We will clean up this planet, one bag at a time” – says Sean


Crowdfunding on Backabuddy 


As the operation relies on donations to operate and sustain itself, the enthusiastic planet-warriors have launched a crowdfunding campaign on BackaBuddy, to appeal for the public for support.


Since the launch of the campaign to cover the program’s operational costs and pay the salaries of the volunteers, over R120 000 has been raised from kind residents and donors across the globe. Live Real Estate (Lonehill) and Fourways Crossing have also come on board to support the cause.


The project, which caters to the community of Fourways & Diepsloot in Gauteng and Rosendal in the Eastern Free State, and has recently expanded into Sunninghill, Sandton, Douglasdale, Rivonia, and Strydom Park, requires an estimate of R25 000 a week to run effectively.


The campaign hopes to raise a total of R250 000 to keep the project running smoothly for the next 10 weeks.

How your donation can make a difference:

– Your R100 donation will pay for transport for 3 employees for a day.

– Your R250 donation will cover 1 day’s wage, lunch and transport for 1 employee.

– Your R1,000 donation will cover 4 employee’s costs per day.

– Your R3,750 donation will cover the team’s wages, food & transport for 1 full day

– Your R5,000 donation will cover the admin costs of the operation for 1 week.

– Your R18,750 donation will keep a whole team of 15 people employed for 1 week.

– Your R25,000 donation will sustain the entire operation for 1 week

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All donors to this campaign are eligible for a Section 18A certificate issued by The SW Living Creatures Trust.

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