Clover Mama Afrika Celebrates Appointing their 48th Mama

Clover Mama Afrika continues to grow from strength to strength as they appoint their 48th Mama Afrika. Clover Mama Afrika has now established a reputation for being one of South Africa’s most innovative and sustainable corporate investment projects, upskilling Mama Afrikas all over South Africa.

Mama Kedibone’s food garden is as impressive as her lemon/citrus trees. “We won the Agri – Business and Young Farmer of the year Award in 2013 for best homestead food garden,” explains Mama Kedibone.

Clover Mama Afrika has been in existence since 2004, hosting 426 training sessions with over 2261 beneficiaries over the years in order to upskill ‘mamas’ all across the country. They recently appointed their 48th Mama Afrika, Mama Kedibone Miyambo of Moepathutse Children Centre that is situated in the heart of Hammanskraal.

Mama Kedibone and Pro Vlok in one of the children’s rooms. Each child’s room (14 of them) are neat, clean, tidy, and inviting. Their cupboards are equally tidy with all clothes packed with precision. “You can visit the children’s rooms morning, noon or night and you will find their cupboards this way, always. They are taught to value and have respect and pride for what they have and look after their things very well. This skill is an important life skill for their future as it will help them to implement a good structure for anything they do,” explains Mama Kedibone.

“From the moment we drove into the centre, you could feel the positive energy of the well-maintained centre. It was an absolute pleasure to be welcomed by Mama Kedibone who took us for a tour of an extremely well-structured and beautiful centre,” explains Prof Elain Vlok, Clover Manager, Clover Mama Afrika Trust.

Mama Kedibone started her centre in 2006 and cares for no less than 118 children, between the ages of new born and 20, of which over 40 live at the centre and 97 are elderly. She also has an outreach programme where she cares for a further 143 members. She is assisted by 15 permanent staff members and 11 volunteers.

“Being overwhelmed at what I saw at the centre is an understatement. Due to her passion, strength and achievements to date, Mama Kedibone is a clear fit for the Clover Mama Afrika project. She is an exemplary woman who has instilled value and respect within every member in her care and you can see this in every room of the centre and the exterior of the centre. I look forward to assisting her with an upgraded bakery and with her current sewing skills as well as much more that we can provide. I am so proud to have her join our Clover Mama Afrika family,” says Prof Vlok.