Communities to Shout Out to Those Living their Values in Blue Ribbon’s Share Your Kasi’Pride Campaign

When the Coronavirus pandemic emerged, it did not spare any community or society and rapidly caused devastating socio-economic circumstances. Yet, community members came out in numbers to feed, protect, support and serve each other. This community activism is alive and well and great things are happening every single day, often behind the scenes.

There is a deep-rooted sense of social duty and cultural heritage especially among Kasi communities, from those who walk children to school because of the danger it presents or host movie nights for the youth to keep them off the street – these individuals are beacons of hope in communities, and it is them that Blue Ribbon is celebrating in its Share your Kasi’Pride campaign. Take Buhle Sithela, who works in childhood development or Ncumisa Mkabile who is a young farmer in Khayelitsha. Both are putting their communities before themselves and making a real difference to their neighbours and friends.

Blue Ribbon’s Share your Kasi’Pride campaign aims to identify and acknowledge those that live their lives with others in mind and are the embodiment of goodwill and generosity. Community members are also encouraged to call into their local radio station to shout-out to those who are doing exemplary things every day, making a difference to everyone around them. Donations by Blue Ribbon will be made to some of these amazing projects live on air.

Taking place in Khayelitsha, Gugulethu/ Phillipi, Klapmuts and Mfuleni the Kasi’Pride campaign comes at a time when communities need upliftment and motivation. Living through Covid19 has placed people under undue hardship and it has been an incredibly challenging time for all. But throughout it there have been those who have put their own needs aside and cared for others – they live and breathe Kasi’Pride.

Calling everyone to be part of the Share your Kasi’Pride campaign, a series of Graffiti walls in designated areas located in the heart of the communities will be launched in March. Here, Blue Ribbon will work with local artists to bring to life the Kasi’Pride message through their work. The idea is to create pillars of pride that will live in the heart of the communities, reminding them of why they are proud of their Kasi. Locals will be encouraged to take photos in front of the Blue Ribbon Community Walls and tag themselves on social media to create a feel-good community challenge where others can share their sentiments too.

The Blue Ribbon Share your Kasi’Pride campaign kicks off in February 2022 and all community members are urged to get involved and make a difference in their Kasi and the lives of those who are living their communities’ values of togetherness, community pride, strength and family, day in and day out.