Crowdfunding to bring food to 1,500 needy children this Christmas

Source : SA People

Angel Projects founder and CEO, Brenda Scheepers, has announced they are joining the crowdfunding revolution as fellow South Africans get behind their campaign in a bid to raise enough funds to provide gifts and food hampers to approximately 1500 children in townships across South Africa via the Crowdfunding website,

According to Scheepers, a special project is required to keep township children from going hungry this holiday season. “Township crèches across South Africa are responsible not only for looking after children during the day while their parents are at work, they are also responsible for providing them with possibly the only balanced meal they will have per day. Each December these crèches close and with that ends their support of these developing children’s most basic nutritional needs,” says Scheepers.

This Angel Projects campaign aims to provide approximately 1500 children with a food hamper to help complement their nutritional needs during the Christmas period as well as with the only gift they are likely to receive.

Crowdfunding allows many small donations to be collected towards a large, concrete goal. Campaigns on the site,, must be aimed at creating positive social change.

“Our goal is to create a world where anyone can bring about a new future for their community,” explains StartSomeGood co-founder Alex Budak. “We look forward to connecting more change-makers such as Brenda from Angel Projects around the world with the resources they need to make a difference.”

“We are very excited to provide South Africans with a heart for change a real opportunity to do something meaningful this Christmas and we know this campaign will be great success,” concludes Scheepers.

To find out more get in touch with Angel Projects or go to to donate. Contact details for Angel Projects Cape Town are Laura on 074 704 8126 or Jean-Michel074 613 6170.

About Angel Projects

Angel Projects was started in 2010 by Brenda Scheepers combining her passion for the less fortunate and business experience to address growing needs within local communities across South Africa. In 2015 Angel Projects became a member of Domino Business and was registered as a level 2 B-BBEEE service provider with 52% of profit directly benefiting a local community through this partnership. Since its inception Angel Projects has assisted over 40 corporate clients with a wide variety of projects ranging from team building initiatives to turnkey projects appropriating a company’s full Corporate Social Investment (CSI) budget to benefit thousands of individuals in over 33 local communities nationally.


About StartSomeGood

StartSomeGood aims to empower people from around the world to create social impact by connecting those with ideas for improving the world with the financial and intellectual capital they need to take action.