Cycling from Cape Town to Oslo – What for?

to reduce my carbon footprint

by Teresie Hommersand

Image by David Malan

I am a 31 year old Norwegian (home is Cape Town), and I am about to cycle solo from South Africa to Norway – from the most southern point on the African continent to the most northern point in Europe – all because of my passion for environmental sustainability. And I am so excited!!

I am writing you as I hope you would like to write about this epic low carbon emission journey and see me off on my first day of cycling! I am starting at Cape Point Fri 16th of June, at 11 am.

This bicycle trip is more than your average long haul pedalling adventure. Let me briefly tell you about it:

Why am I doing this?

The whole thing started with my passion for environmental sustainability and me wanting to reduce my carbon footprint by cutting back on my activities that pollutes the most. I found that flying was my single most pollutive activity. I therefore decided to try to the best of my ability not to fly. This was back in 2012 and I have not flown on an aeroplane since. I’m Norwegian by birth, but South Africa has been my home for the last six years. Now that I am moving back to Europe, I am choosing to cycle instead of flying.

What am I doing?

Not only am I set to cycle 17,400 km across two continents, but I am also doing two super awesome things along the way that promote environmental sustainability. Firstly, I have a solar cinema with me. A solar powered portable projector. En route, I am screening a mix of fun movies to entertain, and entertaining movies about locally relevant environmental and climate change issues to exchange knowledge, raise further awareness and inspire people to take action. Central to this are the ways everyone can contribute to solving these challenges in their contexts. Secondly, on my way up the continents, I am also raising funds for two projects close to my heart. Keywords: fuel efficient cook stoves and recycling! Both chosen because they mitigate climate change and have economic and health benefits for families and communities. Learn all about them by visiting: 

For more info please visit the bicycle project website: and feel free to ask my anything. I hope you want to come and see me off!

Kind regards,

Teresie Hommersand

+27 782672768