Dan Mace wins silver at 2016 Young Director Awards

Dan Mace, won two silver screening at the 2016 Young Director Awards in Cannes last week.

He is the only African director to have won this year as well as the only director across all mediums to win in two categories.

Dan Mace is a young and inspired filmmaker who has managed to merge his love for film and travel into the creation of globally shot narratives. Mace is a young visionary who has quickly become one of South Africa’s most popular YouTube sensations. He aims to promote positivity online telling stories that are 100% honest, based on real life and are making a difference somehow.

“I break a lot of traditional styles of filmmaking in order to tell a story in its most simple and enjoyable form.”

The two films speak to a phenemonal African story and subsequently we would love if we could share the accolades on SA Good News.

Below are the two films which won:

Gift - https://vimeo.com/172608395 (Short Film category)

Mine Sniffing Rats - https://vimeo.com/151903926 (Changing the world frame by frame category)