Developing New Partnerships in the Waste Oil Industry – By Thabo Motlhabi

By Thabo Motlhabi

Chairperson Mrs. Olga Moji of Woasa (Waste Oil Organization) based in Soweto, Dobsonville, and  Zuuebekom, recently held a meeting with the Rose Foundation, hosted at Toadbury Hotel Country, on 17 Friday, May 2024.

Woasa Waste Oil Organization represents the voice of the voiceless in the waste oil industry, especially black people who were excluded historically in this industry. They are the collectors’ voice and push for clean environments and climate change. This organization recruits new members, hosts a community program on waste oil from school children to community members, and sponsors other non-profit organizations in different communities.

The purpose of the meeting was for the Rose Foundation to introduce Woasa Waste Oil organization to be recognized as one of the voice collectors in different communities and to be acknowledged by other stakeholders in this industry. Rose Foundation has vast experience and is responsible for writing laws, and approving them and they also encourage responsible recycling to prevent the indiscriminate dumping and burning of used oil. It was the right time for Woasa to be acknowledged by this foundation and it would open many doors for them in this industry.

The campaign was to actively promote and pursue green enterprise development activities which would include storage, compliance, and other economic activities as part of the benefits.

As a Public Relations officer for Woasa Used Oil Organization Mr.  Cassey Morima said, “Our partnership as Woasa organization with Rose Foundation is very critical as they are an important stakeholder in this sector of business, as the government gave them the role to represent them on writing the laws and approving them and also encourage the usefulness of waste oil and bring together the voice of collectors in this industry to work together for the betterment of our environment. However, there is a leg that they don’t address at the grassroots level that is where we come in and play our role.”

This new partnership was meant to create a proper channel, creating more employment in the sector for black people and those who are willing to learn about the usefulness of the waste oil by recruiting new members, hosting programs, and informing people about the recycling used oil business.

As  Chairperson of the organization Mrs. Olga Moji said” Our mission in this new partnership is to have seats in various key-making decisions in the process. We are very happy with the outcome of the meeting and looking forward to playing our role as collectors at the grassroots level. We would look at the barriers to entering the markets as not everybody is able to enter this industry.

At the end of the event, it was time to celebrate the new partnership and shake hands for the brighter future of the used oil industry.