Dustbin Diggers deserve Dignity

Dustbin Diggers Receive Well Deserved Recognition and Support from the Community

Constantly roaming the streets and digging through people’s trash for things to make ends meet and support their families, dustbin diggers have an important role to play in the broader ecosystem of our communities. However, they rarely get the recognition they deserve – if at all. Recognising the struggles that these resourceful human beings go through, and encouraging local homeowners to play their part in recycling to the benefit of the environment.

“After witnessing one of the diggers wandering the streets and sorting through dustbins on the curb with his 2-year-old son in 2013, it really hit home for me – one of the saddest moments I’ve witnessed. He was not just a regular digger, he was a father and the family bread winner, trying to provide for his family,” Says Adele Wilson, the eternal humanitarian behind this initiative.

Silverstar Casino has come up with a win-win solution to partner with the dustbin diggers to further raise the awareness of the importance of recycling and giving support to the less fortunate. No man deserves to dig through another’s trash as a way of making a living.

“My heart went out to these people roaming the streets digging through our rubbish day by day.  They are tolerated, but regarded suspicious, disliked and even feared by some residents. Yet, they do so much more for us than what we can imagine – they reduce the amount of waste ending up in our earth.” concludes Adele.

Joining forces with the local Community Policing Forums (CPF), on Saturday, 19 November, Silverstar launched the plastic recycling dustbin and diggers trolley pilot project – dubbed “Recycling Project, Dignity for Diggers”.

“The dustbin diggers play a bigger role in our society than what we are giving them credit for. They are adding value to our environment, reducing the landfill space at local rubbish tips. Silverstar’s involvement will ensure that they have the ability to collect more recyclables, but in a more dignified, hygienic and efficient manner. Our intent is to create a fruitful partnership that will see dignity restored to these citizens of our community,” says Sanele Ntombela, Silverstar’s Marketing Manager.

On the day, Silverstar handed over large yellow 240L wheelie bins to all the homeowners residing in in the area. This will allow households to separate all plastic refuse from their general waste going forward. These dustbins will then be put out on standard council refuse removal days. The yellow wheelie bins will make it easier for households to recycle and for diggers to identify exactly where they need to look, they will no longer need to dig through residents’ general waste to find what they are searching for.

“The ‘Recycling Project, Dignity for Diggers’ initiative is just one of many which Silverstar is empowering within our local communities. We will continue to make tangible and sustainable changes in and around South Africa,” concludes Sanele. “Watch this space for more exciting upcoming projects.”

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