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Snapplify recognised by London Stock Exchange Group as one of the Companies to Inspire Africa in 2017

London, April 18, 2017 –

The future of education is digital, and that future is already here. Around the world, more and more students are completing online education programs and using digital media & educational content as even traditional education programs move towards blended learning approaches. In South Africa and Kenya, there’s a company working hard to ensure that students in emerging market classrooms with low connectivity, and minimal bandwidth have the same access to digital and blended learning as their global counterparts.

Snapplify is a content and media technology company focused on innovating in the EdTech space in Africa. They’ve partnered with over 250 international publishers to provide schools with easy and affordable access to eTextbooks, educational apps and games, video, audio and more. With Snapplify for Education, teachers are able to create revision content tailored to their classes and lesson plans, as well as receive insights about student reading behaviour and usage.

Their goal? Providing teachers and students with everything they need to teach, and learn, digitally. The wide-ranging features of the platform have made Snapplify for Education a top choice for schools.
“When you think of support, Snapplify is what you want,” said Heinrich Helmbold of Maranatha Christian School, who are now in their 2nd year of using Snapplify for Education. These and other successes have led to the selection of Snapplify for Education for the South African Gauteng Provincial Department of Education’s pioneering educational model for public schools over the next 3 to 5 years, with the digital aspect of their holistic and blended learning models for schools being built on the foundation of the Snapplify platform.

This year, the company was recognised by the London Stock Exchange Group (LSE) as one of the Companies to Inspire Africa for 2017. The report, published by the LSE in March, forms part of their global “Companies to Inspire” series, and identifies Africa’s fastest-growing, ambitious and inspiring small & medium-sized enterprises.

“We are very excited and proud to have been nominated as one of the Companies to Inspire Africa 2017 by the LSE group, alongside other highly respected, fast growing and ambitious companies. At Snapplify we believe digital education is the future and we offer unique solutions to support schools and universities in both developed and developing countries” – Wesley Lynch (CEO)

Snapplify has also been shortlisted for the British Book Industry Awards Non-Traditional Retailer of the Year, which is sponsored by The Quarto Group.

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Snapplify for Education is a suite of eLearning solutions that combine to create an all inclusive digital platform that gives students everything they need to learn. From prescribed eTextbooks, to teacher created resources & insights.
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