Egolisquash Youth Empowerment

Sporting youth provide food and academic support packs
to over 1000 inner city families

Hunger and malnutrition has begun to replace COVID19 as existential fear in many communities as businesses close and workers lose their jobs.

Egolisquash Youth Empowerment organization through its Ubuntu Drive initiative established in March 2020; stepped in to provide sustainable monthly food and academic support packs to 1000+ vulnerable Inner-city, Soweto and Alex youths and families.

Egolisquash Ubuntu Drive is a team of squash coaches and Clubs who are passionate about creating real and lasting change within disadvantaged communities.

Egolisquash has partnered with Joburg Squash; Balwin Properties; Growthpoint Properties; Squash South Africa; Angel Network; Squash Education Alliance (SEA) and different individuals sponsors to build a food distribution network to provide and distribute food hampers and academic packs to underprivileged communities

“In South Africa, thousands of people are starving [and] this is why we have set up a hunger alleviation initiative, known as Ubuntu Drive. We at EgoliSquash are a family and we look after each other and in times of need when our parents aren’t working, our coaches are not coaching and our players aren’t playing we need to provide for each other. But it’s not only about food. It’s also about keeping our family in a positive and health mind set.”
Says Glenn Lazarus- Egolisquash Youth Empowerment Programme Director.

We have had to reinvent ourselves:

  1. We had to change the way we operate and communicate, moving from sessions of hundreds of participants to communicating by calls, sms and whatsap
  2. We had to help alleviate hunger.
  3. We provide services and healthy lifestyle suggestions and programs in line with COVID requirements.
  4. We are developing Urban gardening program to encourage our family to learn to garden at home. This will help them post Covid to provide for themselves and also sell their produce as source of income.”

OUR REACH SO FAR: We have delivered:

  • 1000+ food parcels to Inner-city; Soweto and Alex Thusong communities.
  • 1000 stationery and academic packs, word puzzles, brain teasers, and maths work.
  • Innovative indoors squash and fitness training materials.
  • We further extended access to food parcels to Gauteng Clubs’ members and our 10 Mass Participation Schools:  

“The challenge of food insecurity is a persistent reality. When you donate towards the Ubuntu Drive, you’re creating ripples of lasting change in vulnerable young people and their families’ lives.”

You can help a family to eat for a month by simply donating R300.

We can eradicate hunger and food insecurity for our family. Together we can beat this pandemic!

Glenn Lazarus

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