elevateElevate – just another organisation … or the answer to sustainability and change in our country?

Elevate is a SARS registered Public Benefit organisation (PBO) that assists and supports five of South Africa’s biggest charity organisations by connecting both corporate and individual donations with their partners. Essentially made up of two separate entities – the PBO arm that manages corporate & individual donations to fund charitable projects; and the business arm that raises awareness for both selected charities and corporate contributors through effective story telling.


We caught up with founder, Adam Oldfield, to discuss what makes Elevate different from the more traditional NGOs.

The concept was born out of a desire to help existing charities achieve their goals but also to help those who have contributed financially, to track their donations through our platforms. It is not easy for businesses to distinguish who to help – and with stories of misused funds, or ambiguous communication, there is often concern around how CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) funds are allocated and spent.

What Elevate sets out to achieve is a system where the small to medium companies are assured that their funds are allocated to pre-defined projects and needs from the main organisational partners.

elevate-teamThe idea behind having partners was simply for the benefit of all the companies who don’t have direction on who to help. Elevate currently has five registered organisation partners in CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation, The Cancer Association of South Africa, LIV Village, iCare Foundation for Street Children and Feed a Child.

Larger corporations can by all means make a general donation, which would be allocated to the partners listed, but most already have an idea of where they would like to allocate funds. To cater for this, we have set up a very easy system to quickly evaluate the cause or organisation in question. In doing so, we don’t exclude anyone in need from the Elevate umbrella.  We also never donate the cash directly. All of our partnered organisations submit a wish list for the year, and so the general donations are all directed towards these.

By leveraging the collective CSR spend of our corporate partners and providing a transparent and social channel for individuals to get involved, we’ve solved the challenge both entities face when wanting to help the less fortunate, or fulfilling necessary needs. Basically, Elevate fulfils the wish list of projects that the established organisations cannot complete under the normal operating conditions.

Feedback thus far on this new PBO has been immensely positive, and so we take the next step with optimism that the public will identify with the brand’s energy and values, to help us make a meaningful difference. From here, we are actively looking for corporates entities that want to give back.

You have to invest if you want to see change and restore balance. I honestly believe everyone wants to help and simply needs a conduit to direct them and to follow. Elevate was created as that conduit for everyone, no matter what side of the fence you’re on. Whether you need help or desire to make your mark, I truly back our cause, and I look forward to a unified movement with all of our supporters.

Elevate is a fully registered PBO and Section 18A organisation.

For more information, email the Elevate team at info@elevatebrand.org or business@elevatebrand.org

Facebook: www.facebook.com/elevatebrand/

Twitter: @ElevateBrand

To make a donation simply scan the QR code provided with Zapper. Donations can be made as once of or recurring amounts, and we supply section 18.a certificates on request every 12 months.