Enter the Exceptional Nurse Campaign ‘ Night Run to Honour Healthcare Workers – now!



South Africa the healthcare workers of our nation need you! Make sure you lace up those takkies, put on your lycra and enter the 3rd annual Exceptional Nurse Campaign Night Run taking place on every Saturday throughout South Africa during October! Why this particular run you ask? Well, it’s a great excuse to get out into the community and breathe in some fresh air, but more importantly you will be honouring and supporting all the exceptional healthcare all around SA. At the same time, you will be raising much needed funds for bursaries so that more people can study to become exceptional nurses!


The 7km night route is symbolic of the 7-7 shifts our nurses work. “The purpose of the night run is to raise awareness of the critical shortage of professional healthcare posts in South Africa and to promote a culture of honour and gratitude towards all,” says Sister Teresa Basson, the brain child of this event. “Nurses play an essential role in the medical profession and health care system, and we hope that through the work of The Exceptional Nurse Campaign and events that we host, we can change the tide of negative media coverage by highlighting all of the ‘exceptional nurses’ that help create beautiful miracles every day. Nurses not only form the backbone, but the beating heart of our Healthcare System.”

Sister Teresa started the Exceptional Nurse Campaign (T.E.N) after seeing how desperate the situation in some of our hospitals had become. Did you know that there is a critical shortage of professional and specialty nurses, not only in the public hospitals of South Africa, but all over the world? 46.7 million people in our country are totally dependent upon the National Department of Health for the healthcare services provided through 351 Public Hospitals and approximately 3000 Community Clinics. At present there is an estimated shortage of over 30 000 professional and specialty nurses currently employed in the Government Sector, where the Patient to Nurse ratio is sometimes 25:1 – that is 25 patients to be cared for by 1 nurse!

“The Exceptional Nurse Campaign (Campaign TEN) is a non-government, non-profit company committed to solving the growing health care crisis in South Africa due to a severe shortage of professional nurse posts,” explains Sister Teresa. “We appeal to the Department of Health to open more nursing posts. We aim to inspire and mobilise exceptional nurses to hospitals and clinics in South Africa where help is needed most, whilst at the same time promoting a culture of honour and sincere gratitude towards all nurses, nationwide.”


Entries cost R100 per person and R50 for children under the age of 12, with all proceeds being donated to the Exceptional Nurse Campaign Bursary Fund. To enter in a province in your area please visit www.theexceptionalnurse.co.za

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/TheExceptionalNurseCampaign/)

So get your entries in now and remember “SAVE LIVES – BE A NURSE”.