Ever Heard of Boss Babes?

BOSS BABES OF South Africa  –
A proudly South African  female empowerment platform #ThisIsUs

BOSS BABES OF South Africa is the brain child of Founder , Kovini Moodley , a chartered accountant and philanthropist who is passionate about uplifting women and empowering young women of South Africa.

The world needs more women to step up and own their power and authenticity in a way that inspires women. Kovini Moodley grew up in a little town south of Durban and has always felt a deep calling to impact causes greater than herself.

It all started as a young child who loved volunteering at local community initiatives, the joy and sense of fulfillment that I derived was incredible and I knew that someday I want to impact and inspire in a greater more meaningful manner.

Boss Babes of South Africa is a digital empowerment platform aimed at celebrating,  authentic,  multifaceted and powerful women.

Based in Sandton,  the movement has attracted large praise from leading media houses and SA celebrities lending their voices if support.

Women have been conditioned to compete,  instead of collaborate and uplift each other.
I noticed the need to change the narrative around women empowerment and break barriers around confidence.

Moodley holds a prestigious role as a Chartered Accountant at a leading Sandton Corporate entity and loves the concept that women can embrace all facets of their being in order to live a life of purpose.
“We’re not meant for just one passion at a time, as human beings we need to feel empowered to explore and integrate our passions into our lives. Life is so short, and happiness is rare, so living a fulfilling life is key”, Moodley confers.

I don’t get much sleep, she confesses, but it’s all worth it as there is a powerful team of women who support our brand behind the scenes everyday. I love when women focus on celebrating their strengths and talents and leveraging it in a way that the world benefits from it.

Some interesting facts on this power movement:
• Movement was started in March 2020
• Nationwide presence
• The movement celebrates multifaceted women of South Africa
• Following: 21 k on Instagram
• Following: 14k on LinkedIn
• Following  7 k on Facebook
• The community is largely made up of professional women including, doctors, lawyers, corporate executives and a host of various professionals who are committed to skill sharing
• The term ” Boss Babe” is representative of a strong mindset and will to succeed.
• CEO and founder is a mentor for young Chartered Accountants and a proud mental health advocate
• Platform inspires audiences daily
• Influential guests contribute to insightful and candid conversations
• Boss Babes is a leading inspirational platform in SA based on current stats and engagement ratios
• It is free to sign up and contribute your skills

Social Media:
Instagram: @bossbabesofsouthafrica
Facebook: Boss Babes of South Africa
Linkedin: Boss Babes of South Africa