Fighting the Malnutrition Pandemic in SA Kids #ThisIsUs


In honour of World Food Day on Saturday 16 October, Koogan Plastics in conjunction with partners, Freightplast and Safripol has donated over 10 000 buckets to Inani StartWell Foundation. Inani launched a not-for profit breakfast cereal processing plant that will serve 200,000 meals daily.


A The first of its kind cereal processing plant aims to contribute towards ending chronic malnutrition or silent hunger which causes child stunting. According to UNICEF more than 27% if South Africa’s children under 5-years old are considered stunted.


Stunting is the impaired physical growth and delayed cognitive development that occurs when children fail to reach their height-for-age growth, predominantly due to a poor nutritional diet during the first 2000 days of their life.


The buckets are a “game changer” to transporting and serving daily nutritious meals to kids at early childhood development centres in hard-to-reach areas, according to Org van der Wath, Executive Director of Inani StartWell Foundation.  


“Food safe buckets enable greater reach, less contamination and minimal wastage in feeding poverty-stricken toddlers across South Africa a nutrient-dense morning meal. These buckets will also be used for water in these areas,” adds Volenté Morais, Executive Manager at Koogan Plastics.


The StartWellTM nutrient-dense cereal will deliver around 85% of a toddler’s daily protein needs. The meal also carries the precise vitamin and minerals required to support child growth.


Government and many private feeding schemes provide energy-rich but nutrient-poor food to about nine million children daily. These efforts are more focussed towards feed hungry children in poor communities. To address stunted growth, a country also need to ensure that the impoverished growing children are nourished.


Van de Wath concludes, “These partnerships are imperative because we face a social and humanitarian disaster if we don’t act now. A total of 34.4 % of the country’s work force is unemployed, food insecurity impacts 11.8 million South Africans daily and 300 000 more SA children become stunted every year.”