FNB’s Springboks campaign showcases the essence of ‘HELP’

01 June 2018 – Living up to its famed mantra, How can we help you, FNB celebrates its partnership with the Springboks through a heart-warming campaign that talks to the very essence of ‘help’ by showcasing the bank’s end-to-end approach to sports development. The campaign will launch on 1 June 2018 and will be carried across broadcast, digital and print media.

Aptly named Grassroots to Greatness, the campaign is a perfect depiction of how it takes more than 15 players on the rugby field for the Springboks to be a success. It sheds light on the army of people usually found in the background that help. Individuals that are always on hand to help players in their journey to making their dreams a reality.

The campaign invites the viewer into a charming story of the sheer enormity of the journey it takes young hopefuls to become a Springbok, outlaying the immense support and help required in the process.  From a father driving the kids to an early game; the linesman painting the field; the school coach nurturing talent along the way; the parents, the brothers, talent scouts and mentors and all the ordinary people who help talented young athletes grow from grassroots to greatness.

“We sought to tell a nation-building story of a journey of help, one which FNB is proud to be partner to. Our relationship with rugby is now approaching two decades. In that time, we have enabled the FNB Classic Clashes since 2001 and the FNB Varsity Cup since 2008. Through this model, 34 players that participated in the FNB Varsity Cup have achieved Springbok status to date, with a total of 75 Springboks and 56 Blitzboks that have been involved at various stages with our rugby sponsorship ecosystem,” says Faye Mfikwe, FNB Chief Marketing Officer.

What is most charming about this campaign is that many of the individuals featured are the actual people behind the scenes, tirelessly working to ensure the success of the Springboks. We are introduced to families, mentors and other key individuals that have played a pivotal role in “HELPING” the Springbok players along the journey.  From the team’s long-time bus driver, to the school coaches that discovered players such as Siya Kolisi, the talent scouts for the senior team and the greater society that ensures the players’ success.

Mfikwe explains that the underlying message of the campaign is aimed at encouraging all South Africans to rally behind the Springboks “Part of our job in partnering with the Springboks is to drive nation building through the promotion of the team as a national asset that represents all South Africans. In line with this thinking, our approach to media placement will go where the viewers are, by placing the messaging across urban and rural mediums. This campaign is designed to speak to South Africa,” says Mfikwe.

 With this campaign, FNB is wholeheartedly pinning its colours to the mast in full support of the Springboks as they carry the nation’s hopes and dreams through the unifying power of sport.