FoodForward SA – 675 000 beneficiaries daily – Quite a story! #ThisIsUs


South Africa has struggled to combat food insecurity for decades. The Covid-19 pandemic has amplified this, as more people are struggling to put food on the table. When FoodForward SA launched in 2009, their aim was to address widespread hunger in South Africa, and they have been actively combatting food insecurity in all nine provinces ever since.


Since lockdown in 2020, FoodForward SA has onboarded 350 beneficiary organisations to increase their vision of seeing South African communities free from hunger. They are supporting 1,250 beneficiary organisations, reaching 675,000 beneficiaries daily. Their goal for the 2021/2022 financial year is to distribute enough food to make 40 million meals, as well as to increase their Mobile Rural Depots to help food reach more rural communities.


As part of a greater project, Jean de Villiers, Head of Philanthropy at Citadel gave thanks to the FoodForward SA team and beneficiary organisations for all of their work in addressing the hunger crisis in South Africa. Projects like this one are extremely important, especially now with the pandemic and people having even more limited access to facilities and basic needs.


The Citadel Philanthropy Foundation is one of FoodForward SA’s generous donors. In the last year, Citadel’s donations have provided close to 500,000 meals to those in need.


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