Free Matric revision webinars open – all are welcome Inbox

Teneo Online School his offering free revision webinars for all Matrics (no strings attached) in the spirit of Mandela Month.

Matrics have experienced significant academic interruptions thanks to the pandemic as well as loadshedding, and are encouraged to enrol for these free revision sessions. Revising some of the past content is important as it helps stimulate the mind to remember facts, methodologies and more.

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All matriculants writing the NSC examinations welcome to participate

13 July 2022: Teneo Online School, Africa’s leading online school, is offering the Matric class of 2022 free revision webinars in the spirit of Mandela Month, with each webinar being 67 minutes of pure revision by some of Teneo’s most esteemed Grade 12 teachers.

CEO John Shaw, who founded the school in 2018 says it’s been a tumultuous time for learners, and the school is here to help as many learners as possible. “We cannot pretend that the class of 2022 has not experienced significant academic interruptions over the past two years with the pandemic. We want no student to feel left behind, which is why we are opening these webinars to any Matric student with access to a mobile device,” says Shaw.


Subject Date and Time
Matric Maths Exam Tips in 67 Minutes 19 July, 3pm
Matric Maths Literacy Exam Tips in 67 Minutes 19 July, 3pm
Matriek Afrikaans Huis Taal Skryfskool in 67 Minute 21 July, 3pm
Matric Tourism: Major SA Attractions in 67 Minutes 20 July, 3pm

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About Teneo:

Teneo is Africa’s leading online-only school, providing the same classroom experience and routine-building structure as a high-quality physical school. Empowering students across South Africa and the continent, Teneo students experience live, daily classes with dedicated, SACE-registered teachers at an affordable price, from any location. Currently educating over 9000 students with 520 qualified teachers, Teneo offers the South African National (CAPS) curriculum, Independent Examinations Board (IEB) curriculum and British International curriculum through Pearson Edexcel. Founded in 2018 with the intention of making quality education accessible to all, Teneo was strategically established prior to the pandemic, rather in response to it, to get the next generation “future-fit”. Just like physical schools, Teneo enables students to foster meaningful relationships with teachers and peers and offers numerous extra-curricular activities. A degree of parental engagement is required, particularly for Foundation Phase students, but this lessens as students become more independent.


Teneo is registered with the South African Comprehensive Assessment Institute (SACAI), the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) which are both overseen by Umalusi. In addition, Teneo International School is accredited with Pearson Edexcel.

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